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Last updated : 30th August 2018

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Example of scour modelling through hr mesh adaptivity

Mesh, Velocity and vorticity for flow past a cylinder at around Re = 25.

Close up - all the tech

tags: moving-mesh

Vertical axis turbine - high resolution closeup of vorticity

Another vertical axis turbine simulation to compare to experiments

Older videos:

A three dimensional (oscillating sphere) moving mesh problem

Mesh comparison for the large amplitude oscillating cylinder

Oscillating cylinder

(Quasi) linear elastic mesh movement with connectivity & hr mesh adaptivity

AMCG Logo with moving internal elements

Zeroth pass at a new AMCG logo video

Two-dimensional flow through turning elements


An idealised centrifugal pump

Example of the SEM with a rotating 2d backwards facing step

Idealised pump simulation

Wear profile calculated from an impingement correlation

Oscillating particles

Particle example in a 2d flow.

Velocity and vorticity fields for a moving mesh problem.

A close up of the mesh and pressure fields for a moving mesh problem

Rotating backwards facing step

Parallel run of the collapsing water column

Two phase flow past a hydrofoil

A rotating body with flow.

A rotating object with flow

Mesh adaptivity as a means to prevent mesh tangling

Two rising bubbles

Flow through a fractured domain

An elevator pitch of my work until 2013

Air pollution modelling with cloud microphysics

Two dimensional jetting in a cryogenic helium release