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Last updated : 30th August 2018

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I am James Percival. I work in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering of Imperial College London, researching Computational Physics problems in fluids and porous media. My interests span the boundaries between applied mathematics, physics and engineering, as well as across geophysical and computational fluid dynamics.
I received my Ph.D in Meteorology and Mathematics from Reading University and a B.A. and CASM (Part III) in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.


Presentation to Norms group October 2013: Mesh Adaptivity
Presentation to APS-DFD November 2014: Mesh adaptivity (pdf) (pptx)

Latest Publications

Higher-order conservative interpolation between control-volume meshes: Application to advection and multiphase flow problems with dynamic mesh adaptivity
A. Adam, D. Pavlidis, J.R. Percival, P. Salinas, Z. Xie, F. Fang, C.C. Pain, A.H. Muggeridge and M.D. Jackson; Journal of Computational Physics (2016)
Two-dimensional evaluation of ATHAM-Fluidity, a nonhydrostatic atmospheric model using mixed continuous/discontinuous finite-elements and anisotropic grid optimization
J. Savre, J.R. Percival, M. Herzog and C.C. Pain; Monthly Weather Review (2016)

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