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Last updated : 30th August 2018

Trying out Homebrew

When I bought a new macbook four years ago, I made the decision to migrate from fink to macports. Now, having decided to make the upgrade to El Capitan, I’m also experimenting with homebrew. This time however, I’m attempting to run both package managers simultaneously. I’m not, however doing this in parallel (the homebrew people specifically warn against this, and neither system would be particularly happy).

Given that I idealogically object to brew’s preferred choice to install in /usr/local and that I already have the modules environment module control system installed on my mac, I’ve set things up so that my path can be switched by running

%{ highlight bash %} module load homebrew %{ endhighlight %}


%{ highlight bash %} module load macports %{ endhighlight %}

to place either tool into my default path. Let the unnecessary duplication begin.