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Last updated : 30th August 2018

Python in parallel with mpi4py

The module mpi4py makes it fairly trivial to make MPI calls within python scripts, by allowing first class python objects to be passed. As an example of a near do nothing script, consider the following:

## example.py
from mpi4py import MPI

size = comm.Get_size()
rank = comm.Get_rank()

print('rank %d of %d'%(rank,size))

When run on 4 processes this produces the following output:

$> mpirun -np 4 python example.py

rank 2 of 4
rank 1 of 4
rank 3 of 4
rank 0 of 4

The usual MPI commands exist in two variants as methods on the communicator (in this case comm which has been set to MPI_COMM_WORLD). The lower case version supports python friendly objects,

if rank==0:
	data_received = comm.recv(source=1, tag=13)
elif rank==1:
	comm.send(data_sent,dest=0, tag=13)

while the capitalized versions use numpy buffers (and are thus significantly faster).

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